31 July 2012

Simon T. Bailey: Rejection is a gift

Simon T. Bailey, international author,
motivational speaker and founder of
the Brilliance Institute

Simon T. Bailey is author of Release Your Brilliance, published by HarperCollins and ranked #17 of the Top 100 books being read by Corporate America according to http://www.800CEORead.com. He's a thought catalyst and leader of the Release Your Brilliance and The Vuja De Moment Movement,and a former sales leader of the world-renowned Disney Institute.

Do you believe entrepreneurs are born?
I believe that everyone can evolve into becoming a business owner.

How does a new entrepreneur figure out what makes them unique?
Identify exactly what it is that makes you tick. In other words, what causes you to lose sleep at night? Are you working so hard in the business instead of on the business? This answer is a key to your unique assignment.

What steps can you take to ensure you become the “supplier of choice”?
First thing to do is increase the customer experience. If every customer has a pleasant experience, they will tell others about it.

How does a new entrepreneur find business leads and profit from them?
First give away what you want to attract – help someone else who needs a lead by giving them a lead. Secondly, ask those who you’ve already served for a referral to a similar client.

What are the five most vital characteristics that all entrepreneurs have?
Selling skills, interpersonal skills, they’re likeable, competent and consistent.

How can and entrepreneur stay passionate and fired up about their venture?
Firstly, understand the rejection is a gift. Then find a way to step back from the “no” answers and find out what you learned and could’ve done better.

What were you doing before starting your own business?
Working for Disney; the push came from announcing that I wanted to eventually be the Chairman and CEO. How has the journey been so far? It’s been awesome!

What are the two biggest/most common mistakes that new entrepreneurs make?
Doing everything themselves and never delegating, and then trying to be everything to everyone else.

If you could give yourself any advice back then, what are your top 5 wisdoms?
* Never settle for less than the best.
* Ask for help.
* Push further.
* Finish what you start.
* Always believe in yourself

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