04 September 2012

Linda Trim: Always act honourably

Linda Trim, Giant Leap
Workspace Specialists
Marketing and sales director at Giant Leap Workspace Specialists, Linda Trim doesn’t believe in limiting her business dreams – there’s always room to improve and grow. Her business is all about architecturally designing workplace interiors that inspire the people who use them.

Have you always been entrepreneurial? 
I have definitely always had a bit of “hustler” in me but it has developed as I have in business. From a young age I have always had incredible ambition and a desire to succeed. 

What were you doing before joining the business?
I was in IT recruitment which was very stifling. Starting out in a start-up company allowed me to have no boundaries – to be able to put my signature on what we did and achieved. It allowed me to work in implementing the roll out of many systems, rather than just working the way others wanted. 

What kind of planning goes into the venture? 
We sit as a team at the beginning of every year and map out what we want to achieve. We look back at the past year, our successes and where we could have done better and re-evaluate going forward. 

What was your big dream for this venture?
Our dream was to be the most professional, the biggest and offer our staff the best working environment. We still dream. The dream never stops. We are always taking in new ventures, growing the business in different ways. Be it a new client project, a new CSI project or merely a new marketing venture. The success of our dream is never setting a limit. 

How does a new entrepreneur find business leads and profit from them?  
It all goes back to networking and believing in your product and offering; having unwavering faith. Also having a strategy where you can not only network but collaborate with others. Team work goes a long way. 

How does a new entrepreneur figure out what makes them unique and leverage that difference?  
Belief in yourself – a false sense of never failing makes you fearless in your conquest. However, you need to know who else is out there and stay close to competition. Always stay close to what is happening in your market and keep up to date with international market leaders. Try to differentiate yourselves from others. 

How does a new entrepreneur figure out what to charge for their service/product?  
It’s an assessment of what the market can afford. I have always believed you have to give products away or offer a cheaper service just to get in door and earn a reputation.

What was your most epic fail in the early days?
I have never had an epic fail but I guess hiring staff and building a team are always the hardest. Like buying a lotto ticket, you never know what you are going to get.

How do you keep yourself motivated? 
I always look at my past successes and what I still want to achieve, it drives me. Having a dream board to remind me what I’m working for. Remembering what it's all about and the people on your payroll. 

Do you have a mentor?
Everyone needs a mentor, if not a few. Always act honourably; that way it can never come back to bite you in the bum. Mentors change as you grow, but I always believe there is room to improve and grow. 

Is it ever alright to give up on a dream?  
No, unless you have a new dream that replaces it. Dreams get you out of bed in the morning but sometimes they need to be tweaked or expanded on. 

Which three character traits do all entrepreneurs possess?  
I think everyone is different, but there has to be a certain level of ambition and risk taking to be an entrepreneur. Also a certain level of hard work to get what you want. Succeeding takes a lot more than just buying a lotto ticket. 

Do you believe in internships for your business?
We usually offer internships in our design department and applications need to go to our head of design via email: info@leap.co.za. Internships provide students an opportunity to see what work life is about. Often what students envisage is completely different to their experience. 

If you could give yourself any advice back then, what are your top 5 wisdoms? 
* Always be professional.
* Never slate the competition.
* Never doubt you will succeed.
* Remain positive and stay focussed.  
* The line “hard work and perseverance = luck” always strikes a chord with me.

Get in touch with Linda Trim from Giant Leap Workspace Specialists via email: linda@leap.co.za, visit: www.giantleap.co.za, find her on Facebook, on Twitter: @GiantLeapSpace and on LinkedIn.

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