08 November 2012

The Busy Disease

Credit: Pinmarket

I've been incredibly bad in keeping this blog going in the last month or so -- I blame being blissfully busy.

When I left my job in June, it wasn't exactly planned and the months that followed were very much a case of taking a leap of faith and finding my wings on the way down. The good news is, I found the wings in plenty of time so as not to splatter saucily on life's pavement. 

I've been unbelievably lucky in the consulting and freelance work I've picked up for my company, Amanda Killick Media Management -- my latest project threatens to challenge my abilities like never before and consume my life until just before Christmas -- and I'm loving being my own boss

There are good days; there are bad days. I'm just very grateful that I have days and can use them to build my business. But, as the pic above cautions, it's vital to maintain a balance. And I'm working on that too. 

Will post again as soon as I can and, in the meantime, thanks for your ongoing support!

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